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Adapt Your House on the North Shore or the Northern Beaches with Extensions by Lifestyle Home Designs

When you first move into a house, it may fully meet your needs — but that doesn’t mean it always will. Over time, you might come to realise there isn’t as much space as you initially thought. If you have a growing family, the need for more space can make itself apparent as your children grow. Has the time come to consider adding an extension to the home? Not only could this give you more bedroom space or a larger living area, but there are also many other possibilities for what you can achieve in the space. When you need assistance in planning for North Shore home extensions, call upon the experience and customer care available at Lifestyle Home Designs.

Why pack up everything and move when you might be able to achieve what you need right where you are? Staying put is a distinct advantage for parents who would prefer to stay in the same neighbourhood for their children. The architects of Lifestyle Home Designs have a passion for assisting our clients with realising their dreams, and we understand that you may not have time for the hassles often associated with planning and procuring permission for a Northern Beaches house extension. Reducing this hassle for your family is an essential aspect of the services we offer.

Match or modify your North Shore home with an extension

The first stage of the process involves your initial consultation, where we can develop a sense of what you want from a North Shore house extension. From there, input from individuals like engineers and surveyors may be necessary. We maintain close alliances with many professionals in these fields; if you prefer, we can liaise with these services on your behalf. This convenience makes the process of securing approval from your local council that much easier.

What you want to accomplish with the design is an important aspect of your decisions. We can create a North Shore home extension to match an existing aesthetic, or we can help transform the look of your property. What types of extensions fit your lifestyle? We’re ready to help you make that discovery.

Take the first step and place a call today

As an “all in one” design service, Lifestyle Home Designs simplifies the entire process of developing and procuring permission for a Northern Beaches home extension. Allow us to find the ideal options for incorporating your wants and ideas into a new addition to your home. With our innovative approaches, we’re confident in our ability to produce a design that aligns with your vision.

We encourage you to explore our website further to develop a sense of our accomplishments on past projects. You may even find something that triggers an idea for your own extensions. Are you ready to begin a conversation and unlock the potential of your Northern Beaches home? Call us on (02) 9986 1311, and we can schedule a free consultation.