Custom Designed New Homes & Luxury Homes

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Custom Designed New Homes & Luxury Homes

Designing a new home is one of the most inspiring and personal things you can do….at the end of the day you are designing not only a place to live, but a place of personal significance where you are able to capture all the styles and trends that really give your home your own personal touch…Where your home makes a statement about who you are.

That is why when you come to Lifestyle home designs for your new home design, we will spend a lot of time going through design ideas, selections, finishes and the style you like and what you want to achieve with the finished project. At the end of the day….you are the one who will live in the home for years to come, so it needs to be right for you.Our philosophy is to come up with a new home design that suits your family requirements, your Lifestyle and has your own personal touches. We will also make sure that your new home design makes the most of your block of land, thinking through things like…Potential views, Orientation of your home to the summer and winter sun, Environmental considerations, Privacy from surrounding homes, and your local council planning policies.

Deciding to build your new home can be one the biggest projects you will ever undertake. That is why you need a company like Lifestyle home designs to help you through the minefield of consultants, council requirements and the building process. We have over 15yrs experience in the design and documentation of new homes and luxury home designs so we understand all the steps involved and will assist you in making informed and efficient decisions.

Done the right way, your new home project will be a real success. In fact, managed properly your new home project will be delivered on time and on budget and will be a place you will love for many years to come. All of this can happen without any serious problems and without undue stress.

No matter what you have in mind, talk to us at Lifestyle and we help you with a solution that looks great, flows well, is practical and great to live in! With a properly designed new home that considers all the above, you are guaranteed to enhance your lifestyle.

At Lifestyle home designs we are not a project home company. We ensure that every home we design is as Individual as you are and Custom designed to suit your needs, your style and your budget.

Lifestyle can help you with ideas on any of the following new homes:

Luxury homes 
Single storey homes 
Multi Level homes Splitlevel homes 
Terrace homes 
Energy efficient and Eco friendly homes 
Federation Style to Contemporary and Modern Style homes
Homes to suite steep or difficult blocks of land 
Country homes and rural retreats 
Dual occupancy developments 
Seniors living developments

Homes of all styles and to suite budgets from $350 000 upwards….

As our name suggests,we are all about Lifestyle…Your lifestyle…so we want your home to be right for you. 
Unlike some architects and designers who tend to design your home the way they want it to look or feel, we at Lifestyle home designs will listen to you about the way you want to live and the way you want the home to work for you.

From the initial face to face meeting, Lifestyle help’s our client’s answer the questions that everybody should ask before undertaking a new home design. You will need to identify what you want to achieve and what you are prepared to go through to achieve it. Write down a list of all the things you want your new home to include. The look, the style, the function, the flow and anything else that is personal and important to you.

Think about how you want to live, some questions you might like to ask yourself could be:

  1. 1. Does you want a project home…or a home that is individually designed to suit your block of land and your family requirements?
  2. 2. Is your block suitable for a project home or will it require the thought process of a "one off" design?
  3. 3. Is there a particular style or look you want your new home design to achieve? 
  4. What are your family’s needs now and what will they be in the future? 
  5. 4. How do you live as a family unit? 
  6. 5. How do you want the spaces in your new home to work….Do you like open plan living, or more separate spaces that can be closed off from each other? 
  7. 6. Do you like to entertain and have a real sense of relationship between the indoors and the outdoors, or vice versa?
  8. 7. What features do you like or dislike in a home? 
  9. 8. Do you want a single storey or 2 storey home? 
  10. 9. Are you confident in running the process yourself or do you need the help of an expert?

Also, make a list of all the rooms or areas you will need within your new home. For example, how many living spaces do your require, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, garages and entertaining areas.

These lists and questions will help you to clarify exactly what you are looking to achieve through your new home design. Then Lifestyle home designs will custom design a home to suit you no matter what type of home you want….let us help you to turn your dreams into a reality…

Lifestyle home designs offer a number of standard packages and can manage your project from the concept stages right through to building completion or we can customize a package just for you.

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